A most talented and soon-to-be famous bard.


A half-elf, Varis was raised by his human father. His only memories of his mother are the elven words and lullabies she sang to him as a baby. Varis’s abilities in story-telling and influencing others lead him naturally toward his bardic pursuits. His role-model is the famous Master Bard, Finneus McGillicutty Varis loves eloquent clothing, and has a fanciful eye [for a low budget hybrid.] He does not accept the name of his father, and subsequently gets slightly agitated around people who obsess over their family or clan name.

He was not exposed to many dragonborn as he grew up, but since travelling with Hill and Vekma, He has felt strange forces stirring within himself. What has gone from sticking to a few large beings for protection, has quickly become a zealous hunt to explore his newfound powers. Growing up alone (read; in the care of the city,) he is also starting to like the feeling of companionship he is experiencing with his new-found friends.

Varis feels and little comfort in chaos, and he panics quite easily when things get out of his control. The open ocean terrifies him, and on warm, dry days he feels lazy and unmotivated. He feels his best during thunderstorms, and his father used to say he had his mother’s “electric” eyes, but refused to go into any greater detail (which he blamed on heartache.) Varis left his father’s care at 12, and began hanging around the bards at the festivals and taverns, where he learned the basics of valour and manipulation.

(Varis doesn’t know, but his mother was an elemental summoner in her elven home, she was considered a summoner of storms. She was exiled for falling in love with a human. She was hunted by her clan, and decided to abandon her love and her son in order to protect them, and hasn’t been seen since)


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